Different Types Of Bees And Everything You Should Know About Them

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If you have ever been stung by a bee, if yes, then you must be curious to find out which type of bee was that. You will be amazed to know that bees do not like to bite humans; they can never intentionally bite a human until you destroy or touch their hive. Bees only like to suck nectar from flowers; they do not need any human blood, so you do not have to worry if a bee is around you. However, if you squeeze or touch the bee and feel danger, they might sting you, and it can hurt you a lot. Sometimes bees can attack humans if you are wearing a yellow jacket or cloth. Moreover, it is interesting to know about the type of bees and their properties. Therefore, if you still have a question about whether bees sting humans and what type of bee does not read our article about different types of bees and everything you should know about them.

Role Of Queen Bee; Different Types Of Bees

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You can easily recognize a queen bee through its abdomen, as she is soft, and her abdomen and wings are longer than other bees. Now you may question why she is named as queen because she is the only reproductive female in the hive. The queen starts laying eggs at the beginning of the spring season. The eggs are laid until the pollen is available, which Is the end of the spring. According to the fact, a queen can lay 2000 eggs every day. The life span and duration of the queen bee is five years, but she gives birth till 2 or 3 years; after that, they are of no use. When a bee queen is young, they can give more bees; older ones give more birth to drones. Beekeepers change the queen in one or two years because their main aim is productivity. However, some experience beekeepers rear good quality bee queens but must buy a high-quality queen from producers.

Role Of Worker Bee; Different Types Of Bees

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Worker bees are the largest in quantity, and all of them are female, but they are not reproductive. However, they can lay unfertilized eggs, and these unfertilized eggs are converted into drones. The life span of a worker bee is short, as they only live for five weeks approximately. The worker bee has various tasks like collecting food, protecting the hive, house bee, and at last protecting queen bee in winters.

Role Of Drones; Different Types Of Bees

Drones are the only male bee, as they are male, so their primary function is to fertilize the young queen bee. Drones are massive and have big eyes, so a person can quickly determine a drone. The drones can feed themselves from hives or borrow food from a worker bee. The drones are produced from unfertilized eggs laid by worker bees.

Summing Up

Every type of honey bee has a different role; the honey bee works in coordination and stays like a family. However, there are changes in role in different honey bee species, which you can find online.

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