Different Types Of Bees And Why We Need Them

identify types of bees

Bees are one of our most common pollinators. If you have a backyard or an old tree, you can probably find a bee hive. Although they are beneficial species to have around, there can be times when a bee can cause damage to your home or property. If you want to know how to get rid of them safely, knowing what the common types are will help you learn which ones to eliminate and avoid.

Mason bees live in more southern areas of the country and are commonly called the Black Lady Bee. These native bees are aggressive and can sting if provoked. This is one reason that it’s important to have your gardens regularly inspected for any mason bees or their nests.

An Overview


The other most common type is the carpenter bee or honey bee. These larger than normal bees are found throughout the US and other parts of the world. These large insects are also aggressive and can often be found in cracks or hollow trees where they can attack flowers and other nearby trees. It’s easy to identify different types of carpenter bees by their shape and size. The honeycombs they construct are also easy to spot.

Bee stings can cause severe pain and should never be brushed away. You should take the time to immediately seek medical attention and make sure that you have taken all possible measures to reduce the severity of the sting and any danger to you. In many cases, the amount of pain that is felt is directly related to how much venom was injected. Getting stung by a bee could result in an extremely painful reaction, which you would likely not want to deal with.

Types Of Bees And Bee Facts

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One of the more aggressive insects is the stingless bee, also known as the carpenter bee. This is a pest that does not produce any honey but instead attacks other nearby insects such as ants and birds. These insects are highly aggressive and do not hesitate to use and sting when and where they feel threatened. If you see a swarm of these attacking another animal or if you notice them around your home, then you should avoid handling them until you have given the area a thorough clean.

There are many important factors for which the honey bee is relied upon for its important job as pollination. Bees collect pollen from plants and mix it with nectar to feed honeybees. In return for this valuable service, the bees help in the process of pollination. Without the bees, plants would not have the necessary nutrients to grow. Without the pollination process, many foods we eat would no longer be available to us.

Another set of insects that serve similar functions are the wasps and hornets. The wasps are known for their sting ability; however, these insects aren’t the only ones that can leave us with that uncomfortable feeling. Wasps and hornets are capable of causing serious injury if they are not deterred. Some wasps and hornets deliver a painful sting, while other more docile species don’t cause any harm at all. Knowing the different types of bees, their roles in nature, and the way in which they are able to be deterred allow us to take appropriate measures when stung.

In The End

Knowing how to identify types of bees is important for anyone who is interested in getting involved in beekeeping. These small creatures play an important role in our ecosystem by helping to spread pollen, creating food sources, and pollinating plants. Without these insects, many aspects of our ecosystem would change, which can be directly impacted on us.

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