Five Interesting Queen Bees Facts That You Must Know

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For the life of every hive, the most essential role is played by the queen bee. The life of a queen bee is far from royal. She has to play the role of reproduction. The queen bee can leave the hive only once in her lifetime. Are you eager to know some more amazing queen bees facts to enhance your knowledge? Then just go through this article right now. 

1. Maintains The Population In The Hive

One of the most interesting queen bees facts is that the queen bee is an illustrious member of a hive, which means she has to play a vital role to maintain the population in a beehive. She is unique amongst other members in a hive as she has the ability to lay up to 1500 eggs a day. Can you imagine it! Besides laying eggs, the queen bee possesses many other interesting features that we will know in this article. 

2.Queen Bee Does Not Rule

Some can assume that the queen bee is the ruler of a beehive, rules the give just like a king or queen rules a monarch, and orders the worker bees. But it is a misconception. Though the queen bee has some influence over the worker bees, she cannot rule the hive. Because the ruling system of a beehive is almost democratic. Almost all the functions of a beehive are controlled by pheromones. Isn’t it an amazing queen bee fact?

3.Queen Bee Has Sex Only Once

Do you believe it if it is told that the queen bee has sex only once in her lifetime? Believe it or not, it is true. It does not mean that she has a short life period. A queen bee can live for almost 7 years. Still, she mates only once in her life, stores the sperm and lays eggs for the rest of her life. We are sure that you are already surprised by these queen bees facts. Aren’t you? 

4.Queen Bee Gets A Royal Treatment 

One of the most surprising queen bees facts is that the queen bee always gets the royal treatment from the worker bees. She is attended to by the workers throughout her life. The worker bees have to feed and groom the queen. They also have to carry away the waste of the queen. If the worker bees fail to look after her, the queen would die. Because the queen bees do not have the same glands the worker bees use to digest their food. So she has to be fed with predigested food by the workers. 

5.Queen Has To Win A Competition 

The queen bee has to compete with a few competitors and lose them to become a strong and viable queen of a beehive. The worker bees use to make more than one queen and the nominated queens have to fight with skills to win the war of becoming the ultimate queen. They have to fight to the death. It is surely an outstanding one among the queen bees facts. 

Bottom Lines 

Are you satisfied with these amazing queen bees facts? Or, do you want more? If you get any other interesting facts about the queen bees, don’t forget to comment.

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