Why You Should Use Honey Simple Syrup Instead Of White Sugar For Your Tea

honey simple syrup

The honey simple syrup will be smoother when it is still relatively liquid, but once you have cooled it down it tends to thicken a bit. You can store it at room temperature to add extra sweetener to all sorts of beverages from coffee to iced tea. It will also keep better than ice which will help your cocktails stay cool longer.

Steps of making honey simple syrup:

White Sugar

The first step in making honey simple syrup involves mixing three parts honey with two parts molasses and one part distilled water. This needs to be done in a double boiler which has been covered with a lid to keep the honey simple syrup at the proper temperature. Bring it to a simmer and add one cup of the liquid at a time while stirring constantly. Allow the mixture to boil for about five minutes before removing from the heat.

After the second cup of liquid has been added, take the second cup and add the honey simple syrup and bring the mixture to a simmer again. This should continue until all of the sugar has dissolved. Then, strain the mixture and let it cool, covered with a tight lid to keep it from boiling over. It is best to store the cooled honey simple syrup in an airtight container, such as an airtight bag or jar.

Another way to make honey simple syrup is to add the liquid honey to a bottle or container that has been lined with a wax liner and then freeze it. Once it has frozen, remove the wax and pour in one fourth cup of the liquid honey. Stir to mix the ingredients and then run a wooden spoon through the mixture to help it dissolve completely. Then, fill up the bottle with enough cold water so that you can gently stir in the ice and then store in the refrigerator until ready to use.


White Sugar

One way to use honey simple syrup to sweeten up any drink you would like to drink is to put a dollop of it into some coffee. When you brew your coffee, stir in the cooled honey simple syrup and then enjoy. You may even like to use a few spoons of it on your morning cereal. Do not forget to stir in granulated sugar first if you are using granulated sugar in your coffee or cereal. It will give the drink a little bit of extra flavor.

If you would rather be able to use honey simple syrup in the colder months, you could boil some honey and then let it cool to room temperature. Then, when you want a hot drink, simply add it to any water. The honey will still have the same benefits as when it was originally boiled, but it will be less likely to boil over. This is due to the fact that the liquid is already warm when you boil it.

There are many other uses for honey simple syrup as well. For example, you can make iced tea for your child without spending a lot of money on expensive tea bags. You simply heat up a jar of honey, add some tea bags, and then let the tea steep on its own for several minutes. Then, pour off the mixture, pour in some water, and then sweeten with the syrup. This will taste great and keep your child’s thirst quenched.

Honey has been used for centuries as a sweetener. It is available at most grocery stores, and there is no reason why you should not include it in your diet. To sweeten your tea, use honey simple syrup instead of white sugar and see just how much better your tea will taste.

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